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How Agents Can Successfully Use Social Media To Grow Their Business | F2F 029

February 14, 2019

The days of costly print and radio ads are long gone.

Social media has revolutionized the real estate industry by offering extremely inexpensive avenues that yield much more potential.  

These platforms are waiting to be utilized.

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How Agents Can Successfully Use Social Media To Grow Their Business

Strategic Approach:

  • Select A Target Audience
  • Detail Clients’ Questions At Each Stage Of The Process
  • Produce Calls To Action For All Situations

In this episode of “Face To Face,” conversation revolves around the future of marketing online.  

There are so many new ways to connect with your customer base beyond posting pictures of houses on Instagram.  

Align your content to gain trust and create affinity.

Build your personal brand so you can quit chasing leads and start attracting them.

“You’re the first person they think of or the second person they think of; there is no third person.”

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