Season 2,

The Art Of The Hustle | F2F 025

January 16, 2019

Have you always worked harder than everyone else?

Can overexertion ever capsize?

The effort and skill it takes to succeed in real estate requires immense talent in a myriad of directions.

It appears counterintuitive to abandon the date that took you to the dance, but there comes a point where the day runs thin and profits are left on the table.

It’s impossible to keep doubling your transactions forever on your own.

The Art Of The Hustle

You Know You’re A Hustler If…:

  • You work fourteen hours a day and…
  • You do all of your Christmas shopping…
  • You bought three technology tools in the last six months and…

In this episode of Face To Face, the conversation revolves around the perks and stigmas of being a Hustler.

As commendable as grit and gumption can be, the unfortunate pivot towards diminishing returns is bound to happen sooner or later.  

Shed the horrible habits that hustling can instill by adapting into an elevated stage of organization, integration, and financial gain.

“Being a Hustler is a good place to be, but a better place to leave.”

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