Season 2,

How You Can Change Anything In Your Life|F2F 028

February 08, 2019

How much do you believe in what you’re doing?

Do you have ‘It?’

Raw desire is a force that presents itself as unstoppable.

 If you don’t truly want the goal, everyone can tell. Authentic tenacity will propel you past your competition.  

Develop an unquenchable thirst in order to elevate above the rest.

How You Can Change Anything In Your Life

Beyond Making Ends Meet:

  • Craving Turns Into Seeking
  • Seeking Turns Into Receiving
  • Receiving Turns Into Taking Action

In this episode of “Face To Face,” Jay and Al Stasek explore the methods of destroying small-minded thinking.  

Acquiring the ability to accept winning is the first step.

When someone is really in their groove, you can hear it in their voice.  

You have to want it.

“I believed for the first time.”

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