Season 1,

F2F 1: Death of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Model

July 18, 2016

In this episode of Face to Face, Jay Kinder and Michael Reese welcome a special guest, Albie Stasek, where they discuss the fundamental problem in the real estate industry and the shift in the “team” business model that is taking the industry by storm.

You will learn why the team model, that has helped so many to become successful, is going down.

You’ll hear about the change in the consumer wants and needs, and why it is vital to understanding the reason the “average frustrated agent” of today is losing business. (It’s this insight that will enable you to provide more value and grow your business exponentially)

Your business model determines the value of your company as a whole, and changing it isn’t easy. However, after this episode, you’ll understand why it’s so necessary. Jay and Michael analyze the current state of the real estate market with ruthless efficiency and give you a chance to see its weaknesses before offering a solution on how you can overcome these issues and make your business stronger and more adaptable than ever.

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