Season 2,

Embracing The Struggle | F2F 023

October 30, 2018

Do you think your barriers are real?

How long are you going to let them stop you?

No matter your status or stage, everyone rides the Struggle Bus from time to time.

Challenges will never stop coming.

Your hindrances will quite often pop up without any warning.

Imagine your worst-case scenarios. You must analyze your actions to avoid the unpredictable. Seek out advice when it’s required.

Embracing The Struggle

The Struggle:

  • Unpack Your Problems
  • Discover Others’ Solutions
  • Adapt When Necessary

In this episode of “Face To Face,” discussion revolves around the complications that arise through different stages of progress.  

Unfortunately, the frequently simple solution is elusive until you hear it happening to someone else.

Find your mentor.

There are coaches out there who have succeeded in your present dilemma.

Copy useful models through hardships.

The Honey Badger solves problems.  Earn the Honey Badger Award.

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