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F2F 11: A 500 Transaction Run Rate in 14 Months?

October 03, 2016

14 Months ago, Jay and Michael signed on the first real estate agent they had ever “partnered” with, in an effort to test a new business model…

At the time, this agent was doing around 18 transactions per year and struggling to grow his business.

Fast forward to last month and, after a 2 week vacation to Florida to visit family, deep sea fish, ride motorcycles and have the time of his life… He closed 6 deals the week he got back!

(Oh, and he’s on a cruise ship sailing through the Caribbean right now, too)

This is just one of many success stories contributing to the 500 transaction run rate their brokerage was able to achieve in less than 14 months.

If you have ever wondered what Jay and Michael are really talking about when they discuss “partnering” with real estate agents, Episode 11 is for you.

Listen as they break down (almost to an exact science) the new record breaking real estate business model that has agents waving goodbye to the traditional team building model!


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