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F2F 12: Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

October 24, 2016

Take a second and think about the competitive advantages you offer that makes you stand out from your competition. What immediately comes to mind?

Superior service? Technology? Expertise? Cost?

When you think about “differentiation” and “competitive advantage”, many real estate agents forget about one of the strongest weapons in their arsenal…


And not just culture alone, but culture that inspires, motivates and drives employees to seek new solutions to problems, better themselves as people, and ultimately become the pillars driving innovation and success in your business.

As Gary De Rodriguez, CEO of Peoplistic USA, so passionately puts it…

“When you can make your team align with your company’s values, mission, and vision, the team will rise to a new level of performance.”

In Episode 12, Michael & Jay share how to create a competitive advantage through a solid culture and a constant communication of vision.

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  1. William Amy says:

    Inspiring – Thanks!

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