Season 1,

F2F 17: A Mastermind’s Take on Growth & The Importance of Thinking Differently

February 06, 2017

In Episode 17 of Face to Face, Jay and Michael are joined by Al Stasek, Cleveland area real estate mogul and member of NAEA’s Mastermind program.

Listen closely as Al describes where he was in his career before he decided to invest in himself and his business, the struggle he dealt with in making the decision, and the impact that doing so has had on his life.

The guys also discuss how to accomplish massive growth through building relationships, working to make sure you’re never the smartest person in the room, and, most importantly…

Thinking differently!

Growing a business from 50-300 transactions (Like Al did) will be no simple task unless you learn to think about your business differently than everyone else. 

Ready to quit spinning your wheels and shift your mindset? Episode 17 is for you!


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