Season 1,

F2F 18: Indecisiveness Could Be Stunting Your Business’ Growth…

February 14, 2017

As a business owner, there is a lot weighing on the decisions you make (or don’t make)…

Your livelihood.

The livelihoods of your employees.

Your company’s growth.

Your retirement plan…

In episode 18, Jay and Michael discuss how they have learned to make the right decisions quickly, and how doing so has affected their businesses and lives for the better. 

“Our ability to grow fast and make fast decisions in our business has been due largely to the fact that we always surround ourselves with people who have already achieved what we want to acheive.”

They’ll also bring up the one thing that we can learn from President Trump, regardless of our political affiliation… (HINT: Indecisiveness could be killing your business…)

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