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F2F 19: Measuring, Proving, and Maximizing Lifetime Value in Real Estate

February 18, 2017

So, you’ve heard Jay and Michael talk about the new “model” replacing the traditional team building model in real estate…

But there is one aspect they have yet to discuss, and plays a huge role in the reason they’ve seen such success with it:

“It’s our ability to measure, maximize, prove and expand the lifetime value of a customer.”

In Episode 19, Jay dives deep into how maximizing the LTV of your customers could mean the difference between a 5 figure and a 6 figure year.

He’s also going to give you the exact formula for how to implement these systems into your business as it stands, to start seeing results.

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  1. Awesome information! I didn’t have a system in place for my last clients at all. It makes so much sense. Starting my system today !!

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