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F2F 2: The 2000 Transaction Business Model

July 25, 2016

“The Stone Age ended not because they ran out of stone, but because they found a better way.”

Thus says Jay in this episode of Face to Face with Jay Kinder and Michael Reese. That’s what this podcast is all about… A better way to grow in the real estate industry today.

In this episode, you’ll learn why the team model is failing and what the new business model is that is offer an opportunity to accomplish your goals.

(Hint: Teams become inefficient when they start to expand, rather than more profitable!)

This new business model is focused around one thing: Helping you to accomplish your goals while giving you as much time as you want to do the things you want to do! It allows you to make as much money as you want, it’s flexible, and it doesn’t limit your personal growth. It’s all about improving the quality of your life without losing the amount you make by working as hard as you can 7 days a week.

There is a better way to make money in real estate today and Michael and Jay will take you through it step-by-step.

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  1. Great info as always. Love that you young guys lose your train of thought too. Looking forward to watching the next episode.

  2. Back at it again. This is better than Narcos! I can’t wait for the next episode. You’re messing up my NBA playoff experience, but who cares!

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