Season 1,

F2F 22: The Seven Stages of Real Estate Business Growth

July 03, 2017

The question that every real estate agent has to ask themselves… What is my undeniable truth?

At every stage of your business you have to invest two things, time and money. You must understand where you are currently within your business, and where you want to be in the future.

In Episode 22, Jay and Michael discuss the symptoms of being unclear about your business goals at every stage that can lead to the lack of productivity. They answer the question of how to set goals every 90 days, and how to be more efficient and effective with your sales skills and follow-up process so that you are spending the same amount of time and effort in your business, but getting paid more per hour.

The best advice they give throughout this podcast is to “check your ego at the door” and “remain humble and coachable.” When solving a problem it’s not just because you are smart, but because you have a process in place when situations arise, and breakdown the real reason behind you not moving up to the next stage of your business is because you have yet to learn something where you currently are at. So find a quiet place, focus in on every aspect of your business, and enjoy Episode 22!


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