F2F 24: The Best Marketer Audit

July 11, 2017

What would you do if you had an unlimited marketing budget?

Why do some real estate agents get customers and other don’t?

In Episode 24, Michael and Jay discuss how it’s not always who has the biggest budget for marketing, but who optimizes their marketing the best. All real estate agents want to be number 1, but in order to be at the top, you must know your numbers. The top agents within the industry are not afraid to fail. They have adopted the mindset that you must test opportunities and try new things, but also know when the revenue isn’t increasing and stop what is not working.  Truly ask yourself, what is the return that you would be happy with, and look at your expenses as an investment into your own growth. Set clear goals and break down each goal into milestones that you can achieve over time.

A key point to take away, is before you dive head first into the deep end, start with understanding your customer and what stage of life they are in. Every customer will not be the same, and every situation will not the same, but it’s the agent’s top priority to know what is happening in a customer’s everyday life, and make every experience customized to them.


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