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F2F 5: The “Build a Team” Lie We All Bought

August 08, 2016

At some point in your career, someone probably told you, “Build a team! Hire a bunch of agents! Scale your business!”… If you took that advice, chances are your life probably sucks right now.

Do you know why that is?

In episode 5 of Face to Face with Jay and Michael, you’ll learn EXACTLY why that statement is true.

Listen as Jay and Michael dissect the traditional “team” model, and show you how it creates an invisible, internal conflict in your business that, if not addressed, leaves you spinning your wheels.

“Compensation is setup to encourage agents to run their businesses as individuals, yet we still expect them to be bought into the culture and the vision for our company, and be driving our business… And we wonder why it isn’t working!”

If your pain points include recruiting and retaining talented agents, generating leads for your team, getting your agents to follow up on leads…

Or you feel like you’ve “checked all of the boxes” in building the perfect team, but you don’t have any more money OR free time than you had before, Episode 5 is for you!




At the 2016 Exponential Growth Summit, we’re pulling back the curtain even further and exposing the new business model that is replacing this traditional team model and powering NAEA’s Nationwide Brokerage. Find out more here…

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  1. Jeff Lewis says:

    Thanks Guys. I’m an agent looking to scale
    In Tampa. Trying to figure out what and how your partnership works.

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