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F2F 6: Controlling and Owning the Consumer Experience (Even While Negotiating)

August 15, 2016

How much attention are you putting on the consumer experience? More importantly, how are you managing the consumer experience when the road gets rocky?

In episode 6 of Face to Face, Jay and Michael take a deep dive into a business topic that some agents excel in, but most agents can never quite get the trick of…

Negotiation! (and how to make sure it doesn’t disrupt the consumer’s experience)

Listen as Jay and Michael walk you through 2 real life fee-negotiation situations… one of which every agent will definitely encounter at some point in their career. You’ll learn the exact steps to take to make sure you get your fee on your terms, and put yourself in control of ANY conversation or situation before it even starts!

You’ll also get practical and actionable tactics for maintaining the consumer experience from start to finish, eliminating consumer anxiety throughout the home selling/buying process, delivering the most value to your clients, setting client expectations up front and, most importantly, how to lead your consumers through the home buying process, rather than the other way around.

“Your clients NEED and WANT to be told what to do! It’s your job to lead them!”



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