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F2F 7: Create Predictability and Consistency in Your Business with One Tool

August 22, 2016

Do you know what causes real estate agents the most stress?

Predictability! (or lack-thereof)

As with many business owners, real estate agents struggle most with the fact that they have no idea where their next deal is coming from.

For Jay and Michael, this is a worry of the past.

In Episode 7 of Face to Face, the guys take a deep dive into the importance of working within and basing business decisions off of financial dashboards and financial models.

“There’s nothing that I have found more valuable in this business than having a CFO and a financial model.”

You’ll learn how Jay and Michael use financial models to forecast sales, identify opportunities to scale, run through different scenarios, make ROI assumptions on cash investments… All in the name of one thing: Predictability.

They also discuss the importance of having constant access to real time data, and how to leverage these “muscles” in other areas of your business. (like being able to predict how many appointments your ISA should be able to set in a day)

Tune in and take notes! This is good stuff.


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