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F2F 9: Where to Focus Your Efforts When Scaling Your Real Estate Business

September 19, 2016

In real estate, scalability is a hot topic. You hear everyone talking about it, but it seems like very few agents really know the answers to the questions:

  • How do I scale my business?
  • What about my business is scalable and what isn’t?
  • How do I break into a new market?
  • Where should I focus my efforts?

In Episode 9, Jay and Michael dig into the topic of scalability in real estate, and break down the things about your business that you should focus on when trying to scale it, and where your time is wasted. For instance…

  • Calling into neighborhoods with high turnover rates IS scalable…
  • Spending all day calling into these neighborhoods yourself ISN’T scalable…

Remember… You Can’t Scale “Hero”

Tune in to find out where you’re wasting your time, and where that wasted time should be allocated!


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