Season 2,

F2F 001: Mistakes When Building A Team – Season 2

January 23, 2018

Building any successful business is not easy and doing it alone is darn near impossible. That is why building the right team is going to be an important part of your success.

Welcome to The Face To Face Podcast with Kinder|Reese season 2 episode 1!

We told you big things were coming in season 2 and now it’s time to deliver on that promise.

In the season 2 kick-off episode, Michael Reese and Jay Kinder deliver first-rate content focusing on the most common and crucial mistakes that are made when building a team.

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Mistakes When Building A Team

Both Michael and Jay are seasoned vets when it comes to building a successful team for your business.

With that experience comes a lot of mistakes so Jay and Michael share those with you in this episode to save you from making the same ones along the way.

Here is a brief description of what you can expect in this episode:

  • The most common mistakes made while building a team
  • Why you need to focus first on who not what
  • How to attract and retain A players

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