Season 2,

F2F 004: The Power Of Differentiation

February 13, 2018

Your success is in direct correlation of how you can articulate why someone should choose you to do business with.

Welcome to season 2, episode 4 of The Face to Face Podcast with your hosts Jay Kinder and Michael Reese.

In this episode, Jay and Michael are diving into what makes prospects choose you to do business with? What is your differentiation? What makes you different than the others in your marketplace?

The more you can stand out in your marketplace the more deals you will close.

When you have your differentiation dialed in your prospects will not be able to deny that you are the right person to do business with. Without a doubt in their mind.

Differentiation is much more than your unique selling proposition and in this episode, Jay and Michael show you exactly how to create and leverage it to grow your business.

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The Power Of Differentiation

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn in this episode:

• What is differentiation?
• Why is it so important to your business?
• How to determine and craft your differentiation
• How to grow your business through your differentiation
• This and much much more…

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