Season 2,

F2F 007: 52 Listings In 52 Weeks

March 06, 2018

Whether you are a solo agent or part of/running an experienced real estate team, the Jay and Michael are unpacking strategies and tactics to give you an unfair advantage of listings in your market.

Welcome to season 2 episode 7 of The Face To face Podcast with your favorite hosts Jay Kinder and Michael Reese.

In this episode, Jay and Michael are diving deep into real estate listings and how you can add 52 new listings over the next 52 weeks.

How would your life and business improve if you were to acquire 52 new property listings in the next 52 weeks?

Let’s jump into this episode!

52 Listings In 52 Weeks

Here Is a quick preview of what you will learn in this episode:

  • What makes an agent the go-to agent in their market for listings
  • What are the top real estate agents doing to acquire new listings
  • Creating predictable real estate listings
  • Lead generation models that work
  • All this plus much much more

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