Season 2,

F2F 011: Lessons From Hall Of Famer Terrell Davis

April 19, 2018

Terrell Davis is more than just an amazing talent on the football field. He is making big moves and a lot of noise in the business world and he is a sought out motivational speaker across the USA.

Welcome to Season 2 episode 11 of “The Face To Face Podcast” hosted by Michael Reese and Jay Kinder of Kinder|Reese.

In this episode, Jay and Michael are talking about a meeting they recently had with NFL Hall of Fame running back and Super Bowl Champion, former Denver Bronco Mr. Terrell Davis.

Jay and Michael both share some very insightful things they took away from their time with Hall of Famer Terrell Davis that can also help you level up and play like a champion.

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Lessons From Hall Of Famer Terrell Davis

Here is a quick preview of what you can expect to learn in this episode:

  • Leveling up your mindset and thinking
  • Embracing and performing under pressure
  • Embracing your responsibilities
  • Living an offensive life
  • This and much more…

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