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Knowing Where Your Next Deal Is Coming From|F2F 027

February 02, 2019

Do you have bills to pay?

Is your pipeline empty?

What happened last month has little to do with this month’s mortgage payment.

When your back is against the wall, fill up the gas tank, hit the phones, and deliver face-to-face interactions.  

Put your ego aside for a while and join the team.

Knowing Where Your Next Deal Is Coming From


  • Door Knockers – Let Clients Meet Their Future Business Partner
  • Phone Calls – Let Your knowledge and Options Entice Possibilities
  • Open Houses – Let Families Envision Their Future

In this episode of “Face to Face,” Michael and Al advise realtors in need of closing a deal.

Effort is what it takes to overcome resistance. Show clients why they should do business with you over anyone else.  

Remain available and deliver a clear call to action.

“You don’t need to win every day, just win every week.”

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