Season 2,

Do The Math | F2F 020

October 01, 2018

Do you follow your gut in business?

Should you?

Every business owns invisible integers that contain the secrets of future success.

The numbers exist.

Beyond the facts that they represent, they reveal what’s working and what is a waste of time.  Once the math is done, all of your decisions will get easier to make.

Do the Math


  • Pinpoint What Moves The Needle
  • 20% of Effort Produces 80% of Results
  • Reverse Engineer Previous Accomplishments

In this episode of “Face To Face,” the focus is targeted towards understanding the tools required to generate, follow up, and ultimately close deals.

Get dialed into your data to align your actions towards your plan. Find your freedom number.

You can’t make a million dollars a year doing $20/hr work.

“Don’t climb all the way up a ladder to discover it’s leaning against the wrong wall.”

Get Your Copy Of “Digital President” & Start Converting More Customers

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