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Partnering For Success | F2F 031

April 12, 2019

Has a life event derailed your business path?

How long are you going to let it hold you back?

It’s impossible to avoid unexpected and unwanted complications throughout the years.

Unfortunately, many people will let these dire situations anchor them in a state of arrested development indefinitely.

The problems of yesteryear don’t need to effect tomorrow.

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Partnering For Success

Opening Eyes:

  • Quit Playing Defense And Start Playing Offense
  • Not All Restrictions Are Impenetrable Barriers
  • Extensive Effort Is Bound To Compound

In this episode of “Face To Face,” Michael and Jay examine the frustrations that hinder many agents.

Don’t allow red tape to prevent your progression.

Seek out all of the ways to optimize your situation in the name of your ultimate goal.

“Your success is the sum of decisions made over time.”

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