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Is Your Personal Brand Protected? | F2F Podcast 030

March 30, 2019

Are you ready for new rules?

What happens when the game changes?

Facebook recently announced that they were altering their platform.

The location tools that were benefiting many realtors have been deemed discriminatory under the fair housing laws.

The updated guidelines will certainly eliminate much of the ease the website was known for utilizing.


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Is Your Personal Brand Protected?

Branding Over Baiting:

  • Every Piece Of Content Must Contain A Hook
  • Develop Something That Will Keep Them Listening
  • Intertwine Offers Nonchalantly Throughout Your Delivery

In this episode of “Face To Face,” Jay and Michael evaluate the major online shift presently impacting agents.  

Losing access to formally useful information is bound to hinder sales initially.  

By consistently creating entertaining material that positions you as the expert, customers will subconsciously trust your authority.  

Monetize your brand.

“I day trade attention.”

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