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How To Win Any Real Estate Listing | F2F 026

January 24, 2019

Has your confidence turned into arrogance?

Are you aware of why you lose?

The curse of knowledge is comprehending information, but not seeing it in your results.  

Once you understand the process, there are no more excuses for not landing the listing.

It’s not about becoming a master; it’s about going back and reviewing where you diverted from the plan.

How To Win Any Real Estate Listing

Real Estate Road Map:

  • Step 1 – Gather Data And Study Potential Clients
  • Step 2 – Use Common Interests To Connect With Everyone Involved
  • Step 3 – Ask For Permission To Present Your Authority

In this episode of “Face To Face,” Michael and Jay explain the principles that will consistently close the deal.  

Use social media to research customers’ careers and hobbies.

Relating to homeowners on a personal level forms a bond that is surprisingly powerful.  

By delivering objective information and asking the right questions allows everyone to discover the appropriate price together.

“Dress one level above what your client wears on a typical day.”

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