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Recruiting Is The Key To Success | F2F 019

September 14, 2018

Are you spoon feeding your agents?

What would happen if you quit giving them leads?

Most brokers use the Team Model simply because that’s what they’ve always used.

Newspaper ads no longer reap the rewards they once did. The lead game has changed.

Those that control the leads run the whole show.

Recruiting Is The Key To Success

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A – Level Talent:

  • A-level Talent Know Their Worth
  • Super Producers Will Leave
  • Create Your Split To Be Beneficial To Both

In this episode of Face to Face, the challenge of Recruitment and Retainment is dissected.  

By understanding the data behind leads, you can transform your agents from passive recipients into active hunters.  

Help them grow by adding value in all aspects of their lives. Destroy their desire to find new opportunities with advanced information.

Do the math correctly and win before you start.

Get Your Copy Of “Digital President” & Start Converting More Customers

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